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Natalia Lorca Ruiz is an independent architect, interior designer, and creative director based in Madrid.


She has spent most of her professional career in New York City, where she collaborated with various interior designers, photographers, and artists. An experience that greatly expanded her creative skills and allowed her to bring together multiple disciplines for a wide variety of projects.


In 2019, Natalia decided to augment her creative background with a business twist by pursuing an MBA (Master in Business Administration) at IE Business School. She is moved by the conviction that​ design and business need from each other to succeed.


Currently, Natalia is using her multi-disciplinary experience to lead an urban development project with the aim of revitalizing small urban centers in southern Spain.

In 2020 founded  LORCA STUDIO were she focused on architectural and interior design projects. A long with LARHHA a fashion brand across the line of architecture and art.


Beyond her project work, Natalia is an avid photographer and loves to experiment with light and shadows. With her work she endeavors to capture the basic concepts of space and design. To best highlight the significance of light, shapes, and textures she frequently uses black and white photography. 


Natalia’s love for travel and her curiosity for art, fashion, design, and other cultures provide consistent sources of inspiration that are frequently reflected in her work.

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